College Rules & regulations

  • Students are not permitted to attend the class without proper Uniform.
  • Students are not allowed to abstain from class without leave for the whole day or part of a day.
  • The minimum attendance prescribed by the University is three forth ( 75%) of the number of working days in the academic year.
  • Students from the other university should produce migration certificate from the respective Universities/Board and eligibility certificate from Mahatma Gandhi University.
  • A student applying for the return of SSLC, Plus Two or any other certificate from the college must clear all dues to the College.
  • Smoking, use of alcohol/drugs or indulging in other reprehensible habits with in the college premises is forbidden and will result in removal from the College.
  • In accordance with the Judgment of the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala in RP No. 437/2003 the Mahatma Gandhi University has issued order vide No. 162/2004/2 dated 16/02/2005 Elen, prohibiting all political activities inside the college campus. College Union Elections should not be conducted on political basis.
  • Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited inside & outside the College Campus.
  • Use of Mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the College Campus